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How to Put On and Take Off the Chai’s Choice Best Front Range Dog Harness.


Jacob Ebsen says:

Let me tell you guys this product is not what it has been made out to be by reviews i got this used it on one hike 4 miles 2 miles each way after the 2 miles my dog did not want to move i couldn't understand why until picked her up and had blood all over me so i pull the Truelove they say caller off and look both my dogs front legs had been chewed down by the elastic band looks nice and smooth when you get it the stretches out of the pocket but will not go back in making it scrunched then it is like concrete on your dogs skin they also tell you there company is out of Florida it is not they have no contact number at all they have no customer service at all contacted amazon to help they didn't have any information so i carried my dog the 2 miles back I hope this helps i personally believe it is better to spend a few more bucks at your local pet shop then you will have customer service and a company they may take any crap products that hurt animals off the shelves. when i watch the video of the adjustments you can see the second part he is trying over and over to hide the problem area with his hands this company can not be trusted

PawPrints says:

I just purchased one of your harness on Amazon for my Akita. I looks very durable, I can't wait to try on him.

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