BYE UTAH – Dog's Health Update // 13ft Scamp Trailer

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Kamp’s Allergy Treatment:

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Winter Camping – COLDEST NIGHT YET


30 Things I Quit Buying

We Live in the Forest

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Krystal Coates says:

I love hearing about Kamp❤️ so glad he is doing better

RiverJack Z says:

Barron, I love your love for Elsa … Tears of pure joy…You three make me very happy…Grateful and thankful for all you do…Keep on being as you are…the world needs more beautiful examples…Namaste ~ Jack

RiverJack Z says:

Happy to hear Kamp is on the mend!!! ~Jack

Rut Moe says:

It’s good news to hear my favorite dog on YouTube is getting better.

Narcoleptic Nomad Wannabe says:

Yay!!! Glad to hear Camp is feeling better!!

Eli Moon says:

Nice crossing paths with you all in Unaweep! Had a blast

BethanyFae says:

Kamp cuddles look like the best time. 💗

Kelle Urban says:

Kamp killa on the mend

Abigail Ducote says:

Get well little Kamp! You have the sweetest face and the best parents. 😭💕

Johnny B says:

he beauitful doggy

Charlene M says:

Awww Kamp!!!! I'm glad he's doing better!!😘💙

ismail çelik says:

3:14 The chair is double? looks nice

benthere422 says:

So glad to hear your pup is doing better. I know how horrible it is having your fur-baby get really sick while traveling. It's happened to us a few times. Finding a vet while in unfamiliar places is unimaginably stressful.

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