Dog the Bounty Hunter’s wife Beth Chapman celebrated Palm Sunday amid health struggles

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Dog the Bounty Hunter’s wife, Beth Chapman, was rushed to the hospital after she faced difficulty with breathing. The reality star has been sharing a positive outlook on life since she has returned home. Recently, she took to Instagram to share an uplifting image of herself. Watch our full video for more details.

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Christine Basile says:

I will pray for you Beth, God will help you get threw this, you are a great person,you are great mom, and wife,🙏

Doreen Lopez says:

Go Bless you Beautiful Beth. My prayers are with you and the family…🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Gregg hatfield says:

Looking good ,,, hope all is lots better

Sara Heqet says:

Calabrian is the best in 5 weeks it will kill the cancer and it is a fact. harvest the bark, the thin layer between the bark and the inside take off and you can fry it and eat it like chips or grind it to a powder and add to a drink or make cookies even.

nogood ed says:

Ya and look like your silly ass Carolyn

Donna Parsons says:

DOG My ❤️ goes out to you and your BEAUTIFUL wife BETH , I will keep you and her and your family in my prayers and thoughts . GOD BLESS you BOTH 😪🙏😉😹 DonnaMarie XOXO

Marie Tajalle says:

Beautiful! God bless 🙏. You are so loved and appreciated.

Jodie Hansen says:

I can’t imagine Beth Chapman wanting to be constantly high so she is missing important things with her family It alters your senses so your not yourself. If it didn’t do anything for people, if they were not getting some kind of escape it wouldn’t be so popular. . I don’t know where people get the sugar thing from. My dad had my mom seeing the best Oncologist and he didn’t buy into that.

Richard Harris says:

As long as you know the Lord, it'll all turn out fine.
This life is just a drop in a bucket that never fills.

WizzardOfPaws says:

She has throat cancer

Nellie Landgren says:

Beth i have been a fan for so long you r famliy to me we r also dealing with cancer as well but you got this and dog stay as strong as you can bro we love you as well this is the hardest thing we all have to deal with that's okay with you and beth may god be with you all we r praying for you all love nellie as always

Sarah Dotson says:

God knows we love you Beth! Heal her completely God we pray in Jesus's name AMEN!!

Marcia Walker says:

I'm praying for you Beth an your family you got this love you all

Sammy Sampson says:

Beth, I have seen you on the bounty Hunter you are strong powerful woman. My love goes out to you and your family members but you are you are fighter and you'll get through this.

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