Dog door screen will not tear, guaranteed

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Describe rip-proof screen, and how to install


956miggz says:

what if i have a pet squirrel?

Mr. Hardware says:

It it wants to, it can gnaw through it. Depends on your squirrel training skills. I've had screens squirrels gnawed through to get to a fresh baked loaf of bread.

Tankless water heater Aurora says:

Thanks for the suggestions you have contributed here.

Cleo Patra says:

What is the material of this pet screen?

talkingalwayz says:

My issue is my dog running thru it, the spline comes out.. any pet proof spline? Lol but for real, any suggestions? Ty

m johnston says:

My dog actually digs out the SPLINE , I have heavy duty screens . I repair it , then ,within hours ,she digs out the nylon spline from the channel , When she is inside , she paws the bottom of the screen and loosens the spline . Then, when she's outside ,she tears the spline out ! I`ve repaired it several times .What can I do ?

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