How to use a Slip Lead- with Steve from Pack Leader Dogs

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Many tools that are used for dogs get a bad rep simply because people are not sure of how they are used. In this video we wanted to eliminate any confusion about the slip lead. It is a tool that if used correctly, can greatly improve control with a dog. Let us know what other tools you would like for us to explain. We started with the slip lead because its or most basic and favorite tool. Share with friends and family that can use this helpful tip!

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Nicoletta Alone says:

Hi Steve, so do you not recommend a harness for a large dog that pulls an excess amount? We currently use a harness that is fit for a double ended leash which clips from the front of the harness where the collar is and onto the dogs back..

alexandrajeangriffin says:

Can you share a link to where is leash can be purchased

Katy Olson says:

Wow! Thank you so much for this wonderful video! So helpful.


Steve, These videos are awesome! Thank you! These REALLY HAVE HELPED ME IN BEING A LEADER!! 5 STARS!!!!

Quinn Henson says:

Hey steve! I love your videos. I have two newfoundlands and we use halti head harnesses. I've seen cesar use a "figure 8" technique during interviews for extra powerful dogs. I'm always scared on vacation or out and about, it my halti is lost or broken- I should learn how to do that technique! (My dogs' heads are too big to buy the size gentle leader at normal pet stores). Can you explain the figure 8 and when to use it? OR do you think all dogs, no matter of size are fine with the slip lead in it's traditional use.

Voltron Defender of the Universe says:

That dog is a sweetheart.

Novandri Exinvert says:

Your dog is so chill. I love it 😁

SoYouWantMoore says:

😂 You’re using it wrong.

Ginny Anderson says:

Thank you. Beautiful model!

Deanna Catchatoorian says:


fate00 0 says:

help me my bm still pulls even though i use slip lead

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