Mayesh Design Star: Floral Dog Collar Tutorial

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Hi friends! It was brought to my attention that Pieris is poisonous for dogs and humans if ingested. Please know how grateful I am for a community of talented and knowledgeable floral designers who keeps me in line when I make an error in judgment! I think its best to make sure the flowers you use for animals or people will not cause any negative reaction- Make this a priority to account for in our many things to consider for our clients! I hope this tutorial was still helpful in allowing you to make a floral collar— just next time— double check before you use a flower that could be harmful! All my best – Shean Strong, Your 2019 Mayesh Design Star


We have been anxiously waiting to share this month’s Mayesh Design Star video because it features the most adorable crew of doodles we’ve ever seen… That Dood Squad!

With over 60K followers on Instagram, they have made quite a name for themselves, even gracing America’s television screens on Good Morning America! Since they’re based in Atlanta, Shean has worked with them many times before, so we were so excited when they agreed to star in a Mayesh Design Star video. Let’s see how Shean designed his floral dog collars for the Doods!

For more details & pictures: http://blog.mayesh.com/mds-floral-dog-collar-tutorial


String Smilax (aka Table Smilax)
Dutch Peach Ranunculus
Dutch Coral Ranunculus
Dutch Pink Perfection Ranunculus
Dutch Pieris Japonica Cupido (Blooming White)
White Hellebores

Host: Shean Strong

Videography: Justin Peay Productions

Photography: Shauna Veasey Photography


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Alexandra CN says:

I love your style and the ideas you give, the combinations of flowers are very good

Gabby Vittoria says:

The funnest tutorial. Dogs + flowers. Life can’t get much better!

Eliana V says:

My two favorite things in life, flowers and dogs! I love Shean’s skill, teaching style and personality. Always a pleasure to watch.

Carie Youngers says:

Loved this!!!

Teresa Zhou says:

AWWWW!!!! flowers and dogs are the best!!

Elsa Schulze says:

absolutely adorable. thank you Shean!

Tracy Ruiz says:

<3<3<3!!! (hearts)

Balıkesir Buse Çiçekçilik & Hediyem Kapıda says:

Çiçek nerelerde kullanılıyor

Tara Ofisa says:

Proving yet again you're ready for that Golden Retriever! 😉 Flowers and dogs make my world go 'round in a much happier way. Such a fun tutorial. @DaisyDillandPeaFlorals

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