Puppy gives best reaction ever to new dog bed

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Harper had no idea what he was in for when his owner opened a big box in front of him. What was inside? A new bed! Check out Harper’s amazing reaction as he experiences his first ever dog bed. It also comes with a chew toy as well!

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Kim N says:

"best reaction ever"? More like "man uses GoPro to make dizzying video of himself opening new stuff for puppy"

막내 꾸기골든 says:

I wish my dog react the same😔 He destroyed his new bed in only 3 days…

Jill DesChenes says:

Poor puppy in the background!!! He is just sitting there minding his own business, while the other puppy gets all the attention!!!His reaction is priceless!

William Harvey says:

He's so spoilt.wonderful.god bless use.

Josh Hammond says:

My pit puppy would have thought it’s a huge toy to destroy…

Sue Sally says:

Sweet ❤️

Lycanthromancer says:

Gave it a thumbs-up before watching because I love seeing lovable pets doing amazing things.

I un-thumbs-upped it because no amazing things happened because the title is click-bait.

dave johnson says:

A new bed & new toys. Now that's one good dog owner!

Dave Gardiner says:

Love the high-five the dog gave

Natalie Loves says:

Okay but the dog is so cute 😍💓💓

profit killer says:

is this a joke?cute dog tho

butitssummerma says:

This made my heart so happy

Kevin Pyne says:

This video should be taken down.

Charlette/Mack McCoy says:

Had a nice time, Aloha from Honolulu Hawaii

Liberty Waldie says:

My dogs reactions always to instantly rip it apart 😑😑😑

Taylor Maddox says:

I guess the word "best" has different definitions for whoever posted this…

Florida Panhandle King says:

Its 2019 and I'm still waiting to see the puppy 😂

love a nurse 55 says:

How Cute!🙂

Donna K says:


Yvette Riera says:

The pup has a loving family it's so happy. It made me 😊 happy!!! Good luck with the new family member. That's what my baby is family my little girl Marlina in spanish ( Marley) in American!! Lol.

1Better J5 says:

0:57 … what about that poor (apparently ignored) pup in the back, by the other couch??? … favoritism (kids/pets/anything) kinda blows …

Jo O Reilly says:

Such negative comments Obviously not a Dog people….So why you watching? This lovely Dog loved his new gift.

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